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eMpowerment Inc. is a nonprofit organization that works directly with schools, local businesses, community leaders and entrepreneurs to help students fulfill their postsecondary education and career goals. 


The mission of eMpowerment Inc. is to engage our community to increase college access and career readiness for Tennessee students. We achieve this by providing basic resources needed for student success, facilitating college prep education, offering early exposure opportunities to various career fields and reducing the financial barrier students face through the administration of scholarships and awards.


Diversity: We foster a culture of respect and dignity and value everyone’s voice regardless of age, race, gender or creed.
Accountability: We encourage individuals to rise above personal circumstances and embrace ownership in achieving goals.
Integrity: We promote behavior that exemplifies high moral principles and professionalism.
Teamwork: We embrace collaboration and partnerships to produce success.
Growth: We challenge all persons to innovate, progress and continually acquire new knowledge and skills.

Graduating Students
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